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We help you with legal problems with your contract, regardless of whether it is a rental contract, employment contract, contract for manufacture or a purchase contract.

German Lawyer – Sven Wittke

As a German lawyer, I would like to assist you in legal difficulties, take care of your worries and problems, and get the best possible result out of your situation.

Each case is important to the person involved, so we take the time to review your specific case and help you to resolve your issue. For nonprofessional the cases are often the same, but in reality, they are different.

Our goal is to settle problems and disputes out of court so that no high costs arise and a satisfactory agreement can be reached quickly.

Legal Services for you

  • Contract Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tenancy Law
  • Employment Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Travel Law
  • Law on Contracts for Work and Service
  • Sales Law

We also deal with other areas of law such as immigration law, environmental law and many others. We charge according to the RVG (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz).

Legal Support – Whole Germany|Kiel|Hamburg

Our service area is whole Germany but in case of court matters the area of Kiel and Hamburg.

Our law firm assists you in reviewing the relevant contracts for the purchase of real estate

Buying an apartment or house is a major and cost-intensive event in life, and there are many things to consider. It is therefore important that you have someone by your side who represents your interests. We pay close attention to the individual contractual provisions to determine whether they are unfavourable for you or even put you at a disadvantage.

With every purchase, the land register and sometimes a declaration of division must also be checked and taken into account. We keep an eye on all the documents for you, so that your dream apartment or house does not turn into a nightmare. Read more »

Contract Law

In Germany, freedom of contract is recognized. There are various types of contracts with specific regulations. We identify contract errors and protect your rights. It is always advisable to seek consultation and examination before signing a contract to avoid any future problems. Read more »

Tenancy Law

Rent payment, termination, claims for defects, refund of the deposit, invoice for additional costs, or rent reduction. We assist you in asserting your rights and clarify your questions and issues related to tenancy law. Trust our expertise. Read more »

Inheritance Law

Learn more about testamentary disposition, inheritance succession, compulsory portion, estate distribution, estate administration, and executorship. We provide advice and support for all matters related to inheritance law. Read more »

Law on Contracts for Work and Service

Learn more about the obligations of contractors and clients, acceptance, remedying of defects, and liability issues. We provide comprehensive consultation for your questions regarding service contracts. Read more »

Real Estate Law

The purchase of a house or apartment is a significant event in your life, and there are many things to consider. We represent your interests and review the contractual provisions to prevent any disadvantages. The land register and declaration of division must also be examined. We keep track of all the documents to ensure that the purchase does not turn into a nightmare. Read more »

Employment Law

Rights and obligations of employees and employers, protection against termination, discrimination, severance pay, vacation, and more. We are here to assist you with all questions and problems. Trust our expertise. Read more »

Travel Law

Learn more about your rights regarding flight delays, travel defects, and package holidays. We provide comprehensive consultation for your legal questions related to travel. Read more »

Sales Law

We provide advice on your questions regarding sales law. Rights and obligations of buyers and sellers, dealing with defective goods, delivery delays, withdrawal and returns, transportation insurance, transportation risks, and general terms and conditions (GTC/AGB). Read more »

German lawyer Sven Wittke

Sven Wittke
German Lawyer
M.C.L. (Mannheim/Adelaide)


  • Fully qualified lawyer (two state exams) at the University of Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg) with the qualification to be a judge
  • Trainee lawyer at the District Court of Mannheim
  • International Master degree : Master of Comparative Law at the Universities of Mannheim and Adelaide (Australia)
  • After working in various law firms, as executor of last wills and as an in-house lawyer in a medium-sized company, I decided to open my own law firm in 2022


  • German
  • English

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