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German Law Firm – Sven Wittke, your trusted lawyer and partner in legal matters

We help you with legal problems with your contract, regardless of whether it is a rental contract, employment contract, contract for manufacture or a purchase contract.

Sven Wittke German Law Firm

As a German lawyer, I would like to assist you in legal difficulties, take care of your worries and problems, and get the best possible result out of your situation.

Each case is important to the person involved, so we take the time to review your specific case and help you to resolve your issue. For nonprofessional the cases are often the same, but in reality, they are different.

Our goal is to settle problems and disputes out of court so that no high costs arise and a satisfactory agreement can be reached quickly.

Legal Services for you

Contract Law
Real Estate Law
Tenancy Law
Employment Law
Inheritance Law
Travel Law
Law on Contracts for Work and Service
Sales Law

We also deal with other areas of law such as immigration law, environmental law and many others. We charge according to the RVG (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz).

Legal Support – Whole Germany|Kiel|Hamburg

Our service area is whole Germany but in case of court matters the area of Kiel and Hamburg.

Review all types of contracts

Freedom of contract applies in Germany, that means everyone can actually freely choose both the content of the contract and the contractual partner, but only insofar as no mandatory legal regulations, legal prohibitions or common decency are violated. In Germany there are many different types of contract (purchase contract, rental contract, contract of manufacture, employment contract,…) and each has special legal regulations. These regulations are often not applied correctly or even ignored by the users, because they do not find these regulations to be advantageous, so legal problems easily arise. In Germany, the law protects consumers and tenants from being cheated, that means the laws are very consumer- and tenant-friendly. In most cases errors can be found in the contract. We help you to find these errors so that you are not disadvantaged and get your rights.

Problems and ambiguities usually arise when concluding or terminating a contract. It is always best to have a consultation and check before signing a contract, so that there are no problems later. In retrospect, when everything is signed and the contract is final, it is always more difficult, but not impossible, to find a solution.

Our law firm assists you in reviewing the relevant contracts for the purchase of real estate

Buying an apartment or house is a major and cost-intensive event in life, and there are many things to consider. It is therefore important that you have someone by your side who represents your interests. We pay close attention to the individual contractual provisions to determine whether they are unfavourable for you or even put you at a disadvantage.

With every purchase, the land register and sometimes a declaration of division must also be checked and taken into account. We keep an eye on all the documents for you, so that your dream apartment or house does not turn into a nightmare.


You also can use the form to inform us about your legal issues. After receiving your request, we will give you a cost estimation based on the information provided. You are then free to decide whether you want to instruct us.


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